Monday, December 28, 2009

December Wink.wink. (Wink,wink).

Eat to much. Drink to much. Eat to much again, drink to much again. Vow that training has started and that I need to cut back on the Christmas dinner's and Drinking. Lasts one or two days then, eat to much again followed by drinking way to much.
I have come to realize that it is way more for fun and probably more healthy to enjoy good food and good drinks with great friends, which sounds bogus but mentally makes all the sense. Isn't athletics 90% mental and only 10% physical? So why bother fretting over the minority?
I have been a long time believer in this philosophy, but not always been the first to follow suit. For the month of December I have trained as usual, but made sure that I was taking almost every opportunity to give'er (piss off mark). Alright within reason. Long story short, I am not to sure where December went.

On another note, Adam figured out how to legitimately swap itunes libraries(so cool) because he has so much great music! I am getting tired of the same old "radio" tunes that seem to be overplayed far to quick, especially some really good songs. It just seems that as soon as the radio gets a hold of the song(s) or they realize that people like them, they crush it.

I have been fighting winter outside so far everyday in one form or another. Some time has been spent on the bike, but on really hard days outside(-20or below, w/wind chill) I have resorted to skiing, snowshoeing or running. I have really just put a focus on "work", which is basically calories out. If I feel like running a marathon today, I will. If I feel like skiing a marathon tomorrow I will. I still have plenty of time to get specific, but for right now I am still trying to engage in as many things as possible other than riding. I have yet to expel any calories on the trainer, and I am not planning on riding inside until the new year.

I met up with Peter G for a last minute pole run, followed by a Starbucks coffee date. We Ran around Hockley Valley on trails that he was familiar with. The Starbucks we went to was also familiar to him, as they knew exactly what he wanted and even added extra foam on top.She said she did it because it "looked good", then Pete replied, "or was it because I looked good?".

Monday, December 7, 2009


I am still mountain biking on ground without the "oh so sweet" white stuff! and to boot we are one solid week into December!! I have been working afternoon's at the new bike park in Markham. Training in the mornings and swinging hammer in the afternoon's! Joyride 150 (new indoor bike park) is one of the best things to happen to cycling in Ontario in quite some time! It is Huge! Like 90000 sq/ft huge! and freaking amazing! The guys there have really done a fantastic job! If you are a cyclist(doesn't matter if it's mountain, road or bmx/street) you cannot help but simply smile when you are in this place. Here is a pic of the 18ft wall ride.