Monday, January 3, 2011

Great Holidays! Now to a Wicked New Year!

I have been fighting the cold, trying to get as basic with my training as possible. It is amazing how much fitness you can find from a few pieces of scraps laying around. I have made a wicked chin-up bar with a wooden dowel a a single piece of webbing to form a pull-up bar that moves in a three dimension kinda way. It seems to be helping my shoulder quite well too. I have some old dumbbells laying around for some alignment squats and a big rock for my kettle bell. I have formed a workout that I deemed "Mountain Man". On paper it looks something like this:

Warm up: Usually 1-3hrs of cardio.
I am up to 5 sets of the following (roughly 7 mins per set) with 2 mins rest between each set. It would be best to start with 2 or 3 sets and cut the reps, making sure to complete the workout with good form.

Chin-ups: 12 Full range of motion from dead hang to full lock off.  Focusing on the beginning and end of each stroke.

Alignment Squats: 30 Keep two 10lb weights in each hand. Do 5 reps with your arms by your side, then do 5 reps with your arms above your head.

Hanging Leg Raises: 25 Grab a tree branch and do them knees to chest with absolute swing control.

Push-ups: 40 Grab a Dumbbell and do 20 while hanging onto the weight with one arm then switch to the other hand. Again focus on full range of motion.

Kettle Bell Swings: 25 Grab a Kettle Bell or Big rock.

Box Jumps: 30. Find something sturdy that you are able to jump up onto with solid ROM.

Any of the workouts can be googled and you can find a good description of what each workout should look like.

The "Mountain Man" I only do every 72hrs to allow maximum rest and to properly build strength without hurting myself. I am also climbing indoors and out one or two days per week. As for the aerobic machine... I am now at about 13-15hrs of Endurance right now.

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