Friday, April 1, 2011


I made it home safe and sound! 2480km's from Golden CO to home in just under 24hrs!! I drove straight, stops were minimal and for fuel only. No I didn't speed, the car was set on cruise at a max of  1 mph or 2 over the limit. It was actually a pretty relaxing drive. I managed to write the below few paragraphs whilst waiting for my matrix to be re assembled.

Sitting in a transmission shop in Denver Colorado, chewing on some “Mike and Ike’s” from the candy machine as my beautiful Toyota Matrix is being reassembled. I have had a full 48hrs in Denver that was very far from being a planned stop. I had left the concrete jungle of LA Sunday at 5pm and after 1550km’s I arrived in a random parking lot somewhere in Denver. That parking lot ended up actually being the town called Golden. I called CAA or AAA down here to get a tow. I mentioned that my front end was locked up and that I needed a truck that can lift the front drives off the ground. Of course they sent me a float truck. Well that's not going to work...

I had been sitting across 2.5 handicap parking spots in front of a walmart and I had already waited 45 mins for the first truck and now I had to wait another 45 mins for the 2nd truck. I didn’t have a clue where to get the matrix towed to, so I opted for the Toyota dealership. They were incredibly helpful and given my situation were as good as they could have been. They were unfortunately way out of my price range.

I ended up getting a hotel for the evening needing very much badly to sleep on the current creek that I had found myself up. The next morning after a very good nights sleep, I decided that I was going to get the car towed to a reputable transmission shop right around the corner from where my hotel was. So far these guys have been amazing! Seriously, the guys here at AC transmission have been exceptionally helpful and will hopefully have me on the road by 1pm this afternoon.

The broke down car has given me a chance to have a full 48hrs to explore the area and I must say WOW! I am super stoked with the riding around here. I have ridden some of the coolest trails that I have ever ridden. 20mins from my hotel doorstep I could hop on fast, flowing, steep trails. There were so many cyclists out there on the trails and even on the massive network of paved bike paths I was so impressed with what the area was offering up.

Every person that I have dealt with has been exceptionally friendly and helpful. They have made a really shitty situation not so shitty. Cool looks like the car is gtg!!!! home here I come.

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