Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wedding Part 1

Wow what a blast the last 3 weeks have been! There is so much I want to write and I can't even think of where to start. Soooo let's go back three weeks..

Wedding prep. Eden and I had a army of family and close friends to help assemble what would turn out to be a night that was above and beyond anything we could of imagined. We are so fortunate to have so many people that were able to jump in and lend a hand. We had the the ceremony and the reception in our backyard on our farm that has been in my family for many generations. It was a kind of tribute to the land that helped so many survive. We had a clear hot week of weather leading up to the wedding and on the Saturday we awoke to dark skies and heavy rain. It poured for a hour and a half and was enough to make everything green and lush! Not to mention it was going to be great for keep the dust down.!

I managed to stay relatively calm all week, slowly picking away at the jobs that needed doing. The day of the wedding was a little more hectic then I thought it would be, but all in all it was not that bad..... (get the beer on ICE!!!) The ceremony went off perfectly! I cried. I was so choked up that it was hard to even speak. I had nowhere to hide, no sunglasses to cover my eyes. I stood there any tried to get out what my head and heart was trying to say. It was awesome!

The reception afterwards was a great evening! The food was excellent, the music ideal and the people, the people are what made it. We wanted everyone to have a night that was fun and one they would hopefully remember. I tried to make it around to chat with everyone.... I don't think I even came close to achieving that goal. If I missed you and you somehow find yourself reading this, I apologize.

On the Sunday we had the same army plus a handful more helpers to help disassemble what was such a special event only 10 hours ago. I am truly sad that it is over. I mean, I am more happy then ever to be married to the girl of my dreams, but I wish it wasn't over. There was so much planning and work leading into the wedding and I wanted to try and take it in as much as possible. I made sure to sneak out of sight a few times throughout the evening and just take a step back into a shadow for a few minutes and watch. I stood and tried to paint a mental picture that was our wedding. I knew it was going to go by fast... but wow. I had a ear to ear smile all night!

Part 2 "The Honeymoon" coming soon. (with photos).