Saturday, September 7, 2013

Photos and a brief trip report from La Cloche trail Killarney July 2013

Late July, Eden, Rambo (our dog) and I hike the La Cloche Trail in Killarney in a clockwise fashion over 3 days and 3 nights. Well I guess it is technically 4 days but we didn't start to noon the first day and we were out by early morning on the fourth day, so I will call it 3 days because it is just shy of 72 hours.. :) 

The first day we left the George lake campground and hiked up through the crack along Killarney Ridge to H45 on Bunnyrabbit lake. We were there in around 6 hours and the gps read 18.45km with 610m of elevation gain. We also ran into a big bear along the portage before Heaven Lake. The bear was BIG and did not care that we were there.

Day two we hiked from Bunnyrabbit all the way over to Shigaug H31 including Silver Peak.  The GPS read 25km and 1100m elevation gain. We were 8hrs and 10min for this section.

Day three was the longest day distance wise. We Hiked from H31 on Shigaug lake all the way to H6 on Cave lake. The GPS file read 31km and 750m elevation gain. Our time was 10hrs on the dot.

Day four was short at only 2hrs and 7.5km with 200m elevation gain. 

Although this was my fourth time around the wonderful park it was however my first time backpacking it! The three previous times I had run the trail and was not able to enjoy the true beauty that it is. This time was perfect! No visit to Killarney is complete without a stop at the fish n' chip bus on the water, what a treat!

Enjoy a few of the photos.

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Keith Iskiw said...

Nice photos Eric, looks like a beauty of trip!