Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am Outta Here!

Feb. 3rd 2009. I am doing some final packing for my trip down to the British Virgin Islands, I am leaving before sun up tomorrow morning. It is a trip like nothing that I have done before, sailing? Me? All of my trips usually are packed with riding, climbing, running and whatever else I can get into. I am going to be on a Sailboat for two weeks!. I am pumped and Nervous at the same time, I mean my last two months has not been a breeze by any means, I have been training hard on top of work and almost maintaining a schedule with the hours that I would be looking at with no work. I was in such a routine that I was waking up well before the alarm sounded off. Now I get to sleep in, eat Brunch, not a 5am'er breakfast. I have never quite gotten the whole brunch thing, I am usually starving when I get up in the morning, how am I supposed to slowly get up, putter and then eat? Anyways I am going to have to find out. I am still planning on doing a mountain of swimming, running, hiking etc, I am just going to feel a bit empty without my bike. I hope you all enjoy the snow because I am going sailing!


emily said...

Have an awesome trip Eric!! Watch out for sharks! haha and dont do to many laps around the boat. You'll have a great time!!

mysticalclimber said...

I think you have brunch after sleeping off a hangover until 10 in the morning. lol