Friday, October 2, 2009

Love Fall (minus the rain).

Been busy lately. Racing wrapped up for the season and now it is back to the real world. I have been riding as little as possible, which a good thing because rest is one of the most important things to a athlete, actually make that to everyone. Rest is key. Unfortunately I don't rest very well. Sure I may not be racing every weekend, or logging serious miles on the bike, but this is the only time of year that I have to cram all the other things I like to do and in such a short time. So scratch the rest. I'll do that later. Right, so 5:45am runs (trail/ road/ Some crossfit tossed in) until just after the sun comes up. Fight traffic across a almost ridiculous maze of 50 zones and stop lights to king township where I am working this fall. It is almost funny driving from here to there cause it is so SLOW! We have been trying to find the fastest way there and back? Funny, the other day on Aurora Rd. we found a Starbucks 10 min out of our way. Well that just kiboshed the fastest route plan, because I have had way to much tim horton's. Tim's sucks and especially just after coming from a couple of weeks in europe where they actually appreciate and enjoy their coffee. Rather than North American's where the majority of our daily calories comes from a "dubbledubble" or a bloody "tribbletribble". Are you kidding me? I get a "half of a milk" half of a sugar" and that's really just to cut the crappy taste. Right, I think it's time to change topics.

I am hoping to hit up the Ishpatina ridge next weekend, totally depending on what the weather is saying though. I am also trying to get out climbing more before the white stuff comes and the the option for so many other great things arise! I have a pile of stuff to do this fall and as of right now, I am playing like it's still July!. Minus the cold rain, which snaps you back into reality that "yes it is October".

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