Tuesday, January 5, 2010

When my laundry is still, I will tumble.

Winter is here. Full on, friggin cold and flooding with snow. It seems that the minute the ball dropped (new years) it has not stopped snowing! I have been fighting a damn cold for the last week (or four) and it seems that it may be starting to give in. It is a constant battle for balance between training, rest, recovery and other(insert whatever you desire, I chose late nights with too much wine). Anyways my mind has been saying "come on, toughen up and let's go!". My body on the other hand has been combating with only so much energy in a 24hr period. So if I want to run 4hrs, well that means I am stuck on a couch the rest of the day. Or if I want to go out to shake my booty in the evenings, well hopefully it wasn't on a 4hr day, cause I'd be skunked.(insert secret weapon, coffee)!. Anyways it was a stellar holiday, one of the finest in my mind! I am really itching to get out skiing in a bit so I will sum up below what has been happening lately.

1-Great new band, USS or short for Ubiquitous Synergy Seekers. 2 man show, where Nirvana meets a modern DJ, or something like that. They are sick and have some great music! Check them out.

2-I had a interesting conversation finishing my run while cooling down walking the 100m home, with a fellow local snow-shoveler and it went as follows:

Shoveler: How many minutes you been out today?
me: hmmm, 3hrs, times 60 min per hour, so 180min.
Shoveler: Looks at me with a bogus frown/smile. ie. idiot face.
Shoveler: Why? (the big question).
me: Shoulder Shrug.
Shoveler: I would have froze after 20 min in this weather. (-20 ish with 60km gusts).
me: licking a salty icicle from the drop forming from my nose.
me: It's not that bad out. (really I know it is shit out).
Shoveler: Are you going to Everest or something?
me: Now I am making the idiot face frown smile thing.
me: Nooo,, well one day I guess, but no time soon.
Shoveler: On days like today you are supposed to stay inside and drink beer and watch tv. Not be outside running around like a pansy playing in the snow.
me: back to licking icicle.
me: Is that so? Who would of known?
Shoveler: Well, since your out here, would you mind giving me a push?
me: Sure. (Not realizing what I would be pushing).

we walk around the corner to find a cube van a little stuck.

me: back to idiot face. That?
Shoveler: What?
me: I think she may be a bit stuck eh. (as I kick a tire).
Shoveler: That thing? no, no no, my snow blower, as he leads me around the corner to find a Snow-blower so old, that it looks like you may as well just shovel the bloody driveway. Either way the thing is under some serious snow cover.
Shoveler: you pull, I will push.
me: K.

We get the snow-blower out and started (I really didn't think that it was going to start).

me: well I better get going, I have some beer to drink.
Shoveler: Smiles, thata boy. Thanks for the push.

Wow, so I really didn't think that conversation was going to be that long.... So because of that I am ending it here and going skiing.


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