Saturday, October 9, 2010

La Cloche Silhouette Trail (A Visual Journey).....

La Cloche Silhouette Trail Proper, including full 3 narrows section.

 Quick Facts: 

-Trail Length 78km.
-We ran roughly 81km.
-Time on the "actual trail"11hrs 55mins.
-Time from Trailhead to Trailhead 12hrs 23mins.
-Wrong turns made: 1.
-Extra time cost because of that 25-30mins.
-Somewhat hard route finding due to foliage on the trail: yes.
-Calories expended: 11495cal.
-Arguments with Peter: none.
-Bonks: 1 Full and 2 half bonks.
-Disputed elevation gain Me: 8600ft. Peter: 9900ft.
-People on Trail: 2 solo men, one at hour 6.5 and the other at hour 10.
-Wildlife seen: 1 BIG black bear at trailhead before leaving the car. 1 BIG black snake.
-Food Consumed: Breakfast pre-run: 2 Boost Plus. On run, 6 cliff bars, 1 boost plus, 5 scoops Perpetuem and 5 energy gels.
-Could I have picked a better partner to hammer one of the hardest trails I have found yet: No.
-Would I do it again: Yes, just as soon as my feet heel.


Unknown said...

Congratulations Eric and Peter an amazing job on tricky terrain. I am the first solo hiker that you met. Finished late yesterday in the dark. Why not try the West Coast Trail next, if you have not already. Oh for the days of youth!

Eric Batty said...

Hey Gary! Congrats on doing the trail yourself!

I was expecting to run into some more hikers out there and after running right up until we met up with you, I was thinking that there may not be anyone else out there! It was perfect weather and the leaves were at there prime! it is always a tough call because we wanted to stop and actually enjoy the beauty of the park, and because we had the clock running we had to make any stops worth while.

Was this your first time doing the trail? have you also done the west coast trail? Anyways thats super cool that you found us on the interweb.

Have a great weekend!


pg said...

Gary ... that is some solid google work! Congrats to you. I think you enjoyed the trail more then we did !