Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bruce Peninsula National Park

Here are a few photos from out Backpacking trip to one of Ontario's gems, Bruce Peninsula National Park. We spent 3 days hiking most of the northern Escarpment on some of the most beautiful trails in Ontario. We started the trip off visiting friends in Collingwood on Saturday evening. Sunday we drove up to the northern Peninsula and I went for a solid 3hr trail run on the rugged terrain (wow...). After my run we humped our packs and hiked the few hours into our first campsite of the night. It was the farthest away site that you could get in the park. We were actually somewhat "out there" and after a car ride of ranting about how bears won't be a issue this far up the Peninsula.. we had a bear wander right up to us while we were watching the sun set. I chased the bear down the beach tossing rocks at it and getting to within about 15-20m from the bear before it really decided to run. Needless to say it was a restless nights sleep and we were thankful we had the new pup "Rambo" to guard the tent during the night. The next day we hiked north up the Escarpment to our next site which was also down on the Bay. We were about 4.5hrs on the trail. The campsite in Stormheaven was truly amazing! It is definitely worthy of a return trip one day! The third day we hiked the shorter walk back to the car and drove into Tobermory where we treated ourself to fish and chips capped with a ice cream cone. Well worth the trip!

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