Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hay is in the barn! Time to spread some shit! (Literally).

So what have I been up to...well..

-Got a Dog

I have been running a ton trying to get my body up to snuff for a sub 10hr attempt at the La Cloche trail in Killarney in a few weeks. My comrade who will be joining me is Ryan Atkins. He has been spending many hours secretly training up at his cottage near Bon Echo logging hundreds of clicks on the rugged terrain. I have been mixing trail running with strength workouts all in my Five Finger shoes. Last weekend I did my first 42km trail run of the season running all the trails in both Hardy Lake Provincial Park and Torrence Barrens... Twice. It was a great day! Cool, raining, muddy.... I picked up a pair of Merrell Trail Glove minimalist shoes from Muskoka Outfitters and I must say I have never been so impressed with a pair of shoes! Merrell really did a excellent job with that pair of kicks! Fresh out of the box, I ran a Off Road Marathon in under 4hrs in crappy weather with zero blisters and no aches and pains. I kept the effort light, endurance pace(ish). Rambo (new ausi shepherd dog) came for the first 20km in Hardy Lakes. He did excellent, hammering out the first hour and riding my heels the second. I have wanted a pup for so long to be able to come out and join me on trail runs, mtb rides etc. I am so stoked to have a dog!

Biking has been pretty laid back lately. The season was weighted very heavy towards the first half and in August I will race zero times. Provincials are in the middle of september and I am going to see how well my running fitness is going to transfer over to the bike. Not saying I haven't been riding, just that I have been riding a bit less. Mornings have been a good routine. Play with dog, exercise for a few hours then farm till dark. Hay is done for the season and now we have the monstrous job of spreading manure... It is going to be a few weeks non stop of shit spreading!

I spent last weekend on a POSE running course with Dr Nicholas Romanov and I may have to save the highlights of that course for another blog post or two. In short Romanov has changed my perspective to the way I look at sport.

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