Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Canmore update

Things out west have been solid. I am sitting in a wicked coffee shop drinking good java and I have just finished a very tasty smoked salmon sandwich. I did a super fun (long) mtb/road ride that got us up in the 2000m mark and treated us to some stellar views.

I had a terrible race on the weekend. My legs felt as strong as they have all season and I was really hoping to be able to put the horsepower to the ground and have a good race. I had a minor mishap with another rider, when they were hoping off their bike. They somehow managed to step on my rear derailler cable and stretch the shit out of it, slightly tweaking my derailler at the same time. Obviously not their fault as it could of happened to anyone. It just sucks because I spent 4 min racing and then another few laps dealing with my bike/ trying to race. I was extremely frustrated with the situation as I was not having a easy time fixing my gears while trying to race. They were jumping around more then little kids on christmas morning. With the gears going haywire I was hoping that I wouldn't blow my chain to pieces...it did. I ran the better part of a lap and got to the tech zone where my pit crew got me going again (thanks boys). I finished with my head slumped and wishing the day to end. I had put alot into having a great race and I guess I will have to giver shit in Edmonton next weekend!

On a plus note I have had a few great days crushing some cool mountain adventures. I really miss living in Canmore as there is literally a mountain of cool shit to do! Ride, Hike, Run, Climb, it has everything and i want to do it all!

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