Thursday, July 7, 2011

On the road again.

Last weekend was the classic mount saint Anne world cup in Quebec. It wasn't quite what the venue has been the year previous holding the 2010 MTB world championships. Still it was a great weekend non the less. I had a solid race rolling in a top 50 result and I was a little unsure as to how my fitness was, as I was tired from a large amount of training leading up to the Subaru cup in Wisconsin two weeks ago. I moved up almost 25 spots from where I got called up to where I finished. So definitely felt decent!

I am back in a car enroute to the next round on the world cup circuit in beautiful windham New York. I am driving home Sunday morning, un packing, then re packing my car for the drive out to Nationals in Canmore. I will be gone for the rest of July, minus a 12 hr visit at home. I am looking forward to the next few races!

On a side note I have been doing a bunch of research and reading on the POSE running method. Everything that I have read makes sense. Nick Romanov has really developed a program that has definitely proven itself to be the future of running. If you are a 1000m runner or ultra marathoner, the pose method can help you improve your form, efficiency and lower your impact forces on your body, reducing the risk of injury. I have signed up to become a certified pose coach/trainer and I don't think that I have ever been so excited to go on a course!

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