Monday, August 31, 2009

Whaa happened?

Yesterday was our Ontario world championships! It was a great course, maybe one of the best Kelso courses to date, it was fast and had good flow.

I had a solid start with mike g pinning it super hard up the crappy grassy section! We quickly grouped back together at the base of the first climb. The pace that was being set was quick as the group of 4 of us (Garrigan, Watson, Glassford and myself) all rode together for the most part of the race. Mike G and Peter put a few really solid efforts in the first lap and Watson gave'er on the lap around. Peter and mike pounded really hard up the climb on the end of the third lap opening up a slight gap on Watson and me. I shut it down pretty quick at the top of climb and I actually felt good. Much better than the first 3 laps. Part way through the 4th lap I got to the front and put in a good effort, as I was feeling better as the race was going on. Kelso is such a fast course that if you try and ride away from anyone you quickly get realed back in because usually by that point in the race we are lapping riders and get caught quickly in the singletrack.

So halfway through the last lap it was still a 3 man race and we were all trying to figure out how the race wad going to play out in our heads (at least I was). Then it happened! Not sure what exactly did happen but all I know is that I hit the deck really freaking hard! Watson was right on my wheel and apparently I clipped a tree, which shot me face first into the second tree( I hit the left side of my head, cheek bone and temple area). Then I did a nose dive head first into the dirt. I don't remember anything really except Watson handing me my bike! (thanks man). I got up pretty shaken and did a "all systems check" once I got back on my bike. My head really hurt bad. I feel frusterated for crashing and especially in such a mindless section of the course. I rode in feeling weird, I guess it's kinda hard to explain but basically croozed in for third place. I had lost the edge to fight for the win as both Peter and Andrew were both riding really strong. At the end of the day it was a great race and a fun battle.

I awoke this morning thinking, hmmm I wonder how I am going to feel when I get out of bed? Yep, crap. Yay, everything hurts especially my right knee, which is crazzy swollen! My face feels like I was in a bar fight last night and it didn't go so well for me.

Anyways enough of me being a baby and complaining so much. Good ride this weekend boys. After all that's why it is called the "Ontario world championships".

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