Sunday, September 13, 2009

World Cup #7 Champery Switzerland (stop and start)

Today was hard. Straight up, hard. The pace was fast right from the gun as we jammed the start loop and completely bottle necked once we hit the first single track descent. The euro's can hammer crazy hard on the climbs and for some they have a bit more trouble in the muddier, slicker tech sections of the course. This made for frustrating (and fun) racing as really fit guys crush it on the climbs. I had a "kind of" solid start and tried to move up from there. All I wanted to do was to pass was a couple racers per lap. If you try and pass to many racers to quickly you kind of blow up from going to hard, that is unless you are that much fitter than the racers around you and being in Europe, that is hard. I went out a bit hard (as did most) and tried to wing it, three laps in I was feeling my "wing it" tactic and while I was still passing some racers some faster racers were coming from behind. I fought it out and finished in 80th place. It was fun and is always a great learning experience to battle with the best in the world!

After the race Peter and I went for another ride and slammed out another 2500ft of climbing (total today was 6700ft ascended) as we went out and explored the region around us. The time that we have here is defintley not long enough. We are in for a 10hr drive over to Schladming Austria tomorrow and hopefully will see some cool stuff along the way (pretty sure we will). Peter and I are really stoked that and we have Sandra Walter (pedal Mag) to travel with. We decided to join in on there Privater trip over here for these two world cups and it has been great! We would of had a hard time without her (seriously). Anyways I hope all is good back home and I will try to keep you guys updated on what's happening over here.
I am having a great time here in Switzerland and I will try and keep updates flowing.

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