Thursday, November 19, 2009

A New Bike Club? Cool.

I have my winter bike all set and ready to rock and roll (Trek 6000). Training has commenced, and started with a "easy" mt bike ride on my old stomping ground Tuesday. Good day out, around 2.5hrs ride time or 1750kcals. Wednesday was a 3hr mt bike ride with Wagon Wheel at the famous 3 stage trails. We were both sporting bikes that made getting the heart rate up that much easier. Funny thing, I think there may be a new club in the making titled "Pro's on 30 plus pound bikes, with tubes and high tire pressure". It was all Pete's idea, I am just going along. I did 3hrs or 2300kcals worth of work. We then chatted at my place about stuff and realized we should be drinking coffee over this conversation not sitting on my floor. p.s I found your apple core Pete!

I was all stoked to get more hours in on the bike today,,,, but it's raining and being only November I opted for only 1.5hrs or 1000kcals of riding bike paths and exploring my "new" stomping ground! It doesn't matter how tough you are, 5 degrees and raining buckets will make even the strongest willed athlete fall. Computer time and maybe some picture hanging for me today!


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