Thursday, November 26, 2009

Okay, starting for real this time.

Right, so over the past month and a half I have "started" training for next year. Ya, right. This week however is the "real deal", as I am for sure 100% started my training that includes structure and some (note the"some") attention being payed to what is fueling the "old fire". Cause lately it's been Fruit loops and mmmmmmm' fruit loops......Where was I? So my week has gone a little something like this:

Monday: 1 Hr run with 25 min modified strength tossed in.

Tuesday: 4.5hrs Road ride in crappy weather and on my heavy bike. Note, it was also windy, which can make you sad. I also decided to find a sweet little bike park around the 2hr mark of my ride to jam some laps on. It was fun. Also Tim Horton's Candy Cane Doughnuts are fantastic!

Wednesday: Wow, haven't ridden my bike that long for quite some time. Sure can feel it today. Whimp.... Nothing that a 3hr pole run wouldn't cure. It was raining cats and dogs, which made the clay extra clay'y and worse to run on than ice! That's right ICE!! (note: good thing I was... pole running!). Also found some sick new trails which I will have to go throw down on, on my bike on a dryer day.

Thursday: AM: Banks suck. Officially, all banks suck. So this mornings workout was unrecorded(wish it was) it involved a bunch of crap that I hate doing and probably ends up burning as many calories as riding, and or pole running. Again just putting it out there, but "the banks" are bloody frustrating!
PM: 2.5hr road ride, quite enjoyable actually. Followed by a un-enjoyable foam roll/ stretch session.

Tomorrow: Not sure yet.

That is all.

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Steve Neal Performance Development said...

1) open up your blog to annonomous comments so people without blogger blogs can comment and so it doesn't look like steve neal is swearing and carrying on and such

2) banks won't give you money if you don't have money ... or have some sort of something worth money ... not sure if that makes them suck or burn calories but keep your head up you will have something worth hocking someday and then the bank man will take your money and let you think you have money and are on the way up ... dream that dream homie .

3) i don't think it was raining cats and dogs wed ... you exagerate.

4) giver shit

5) sunday will be an official meeting ... we must get watson

6) friday morning could work ... easy endurance and mostly road

7) i also want to do hwy 89 to singhampton on bruce trail then road back ... this may happen friday ... there is a lot of hike abike ... wear your eric batty 2005 national championship assos kit or some sort of cloaking device just in case