Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I couldn't believe what my ears were hearing!

Peter Glassford ate a MUFFIN!!! Not just any muffin, BUT a Massive COSTCO muffin! I also witnessed a rather Large McFlurry be crushed too...!!!

Right, moving along then. We are in the Mont Tremblant region and there is a solid network of bike paths and MTB trails to be explored. I started today off with a "easy" cruise to the hill (via the amazing bike paths) a climb to the top of Mont Tremblant, followed by a few laps on a surprisingly dry course and finished with some more bike path cruising home. Sorry Forgot to mention my 4 blend cereal bowl and apple crumble muffin (thanks conti breakfast).

Yesterday I managed to stretch and foam roll followed by an icing session of the sore hip from Sunday. We (Peter G, Matt F and Myself) hiked to the top of one of the peaks north of Baie Saint Paul and were treated to some stellar views of one of the most beautiful areas in the east.

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