Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Whats The Date Again?

May 12th!!!. Hard to believe that the first Canada Cup is about to kick off this weekend in Beautiful Baie Saint Paul Quebec. Time is motoring by faster then I actually realized. I kind of forgot the last time I updated my blog was 2.5 weeks ago!. I have been busy logging many hours on the bike and even more hours planning some things coming up and burning far to much time sitting on my butt working on my computer (in my opinion, really anytime on my butt is too much time). The weather has been holding up and I have really just made my "on the fly" training program very heavily dependent on what the skies are saying. I have been working on a few photo Projects that I have on the go. Um so ya, if I don't have anything that interesting to write about, I prefer not to just write a bunch of jibber jabber. So peace out.

I have been sorting through files and files of older photos and came across one of my all time favorites.

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