Monday, June 28, 2010

Slightly Better.

So Yesterday was the short track and it was long! Almost 30 minutes of hammering around one of the best and yet one of the toughest short track course I have raced on. After what had happened to me yesterday I was seriously contemplating if I should be racing or not? I decided to giver a go and see what happens. I did a long 2.5hr warm up on the road before hand and that seemed to loosen things up a bit. I wasn't to worried that what had happened to me yesterday was going to happen again today. History of this has shown me that I am fine the next day (after a solid 12hr sleep!). I quite enjoyed the road riding around Mount Morris Wisconsin and would come back again anytime!

I had a poor call up (surprise) and had to battle from behind. I passed as many racers as I really could have and finished 13th. I was pacing the leaders for most of the race so that was reassuring that I had some gas in the tank again. I felt about 1000 times better than yesterday and was happy that I was able to pass about 40 or so riders in such a short span of time.

Today we (adam, taylor and myself) had the honour of getting a behind the scenes tour of the Trek Factory here in Waterloo WI. It was seriously unreal how amazing that place is!!! I am not to sure how much I am allowed to say but it can be summed up in pretty much one word...... AMAZING!!.

Anyways we are hitting the road home tomorrow morning at first light and have a solid 13hr drive ahead of us.... yay.

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