Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Constant.

Last night I went to the Hunstville stop of the Banff Film fest World Tour. It's a evening where people from all different kinds of activities and life styles come together to view some of the best outdoor footage shot over the past year(s). Among the crowd were Paddlers, Climbers, Skiers and Snowboarders, Cyclists and avid outdoors people. They all have some sort of a interest in the outdoor Culture and lifestyle. Even if you do not have a great interest in the outdoors, you can not help but get that little tickle down your spine as you watch some of the films. It is inspiring for some, motvating for others.

There was a common interest in the crowd there last night, we all turn to the outdoors at some point in our life. Whether it be any of the above listed sports, we use them as a way to get out, get some from fresh air, some time alone, or to spend some time with friends. We use our activities for such a wide range of reasons and to each their own. Maybe to burn some holiday pounds off, or to capture some of Nature's fine sunsets, or even sunrises for that matter (I do). The outdoors is a Constant. It is something that hopefully will always be there.

Everyone has something they turn to in their life. For some its Booze, Butts or even Food. It is something that comforts you. A Constant, something you can turn to when your up or down, good or bad, when your bummed or feeling good. And for some it is what is, Big beard or not its simply getting Outside.

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Bikeman said...

Very true Eric, well put.