Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Where did the Holiday's go?

Last that I remember it was 2008 and Christmas was still a couple of days away. I sit here now, on my first real day off in the last 18 days and I am trying to remember how my Holiday's went. In a nutshell my days were a blurred routine, up at 5:05am, get the coffee brewing (that's Priority), put some oatmeal on the stove, get the fire stoked (or going if it was a cold night), use the toilet, eat breakfast and be on the bike for 5:50am. It is a dialed system that I have lay ed out for my morning and it has to be otherwise I would not get out of bed, who would? I ride for 90min probably with some specific workout, either some intensity or efficiency focus. I start to strip down with 3 min remaining in my workout, that way I can jump straight into the shower. Get dressed and go. Grab coffee en route to work, maybe ad a little treat in there, yes it is still only 8:15am but I have already been up for 3 hours.

Work is the easy part of my day, and I find it quite relaxing. I teach Snowboarding full time. To some(most) people teaching snowboarding all day is more than enough energy expended in one day, but just teaching snowboarding does not get you fast on a bike. Or does it? Actually it probably helps with the technical side of racing Mountain bikes. Agility, coordination etc. I work until around 3:30pm and hit the road with another coffee(and some banana bread) and try to squeeze in some more training time. Usually a 1-2 hour xc ski. I always rush to get to the trails to try and get as much of the workout in the daylight as possible. I really don't mind the skiing in the dark, it just gets colder and darker and makes it a bit less motivating to stay out there. After that it is straight home, maybe with a detour to pick up Meg and on to home. Build a fire, the temp at home after being gone all day hovers round 5 degrees, we heat with wood only, Yay. Eat dinner, lay out all my wet cloths to dry, make my lunch, stoke the fire and crash!.

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