Monday, April 27, 2009

Dinner on Drive Home.

Who ever says that you can't eat healthy on the road ? Fred and I made it home last Wednesday night at Midnight. It was by far the best drive across the continent that I think I have ever had. 3 days of travel, 2 - good 3hr road rides and some decent sleeps in "real beds" made it nicer than it has been in the past. We did the whole drive and did not buy any food! We had enough food in the cooler ( hard boiled eggs, cooked steak and tons of salad) to make it almost 5000km. Thanks Fred. For some reason driving across the country seems to scratch the itchy feet that I sometimes get, I like to explore, go and see things, do stuff and learn something. In this case it was that a cereal box makes a excellent salad bowl in a pinch.

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