Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sea Otter Short Track

Saturday is the 20min plus 3 lap short track race, which in total rounds out to be around 25 min. The weather is perfect, 20 degrees and sunny with minimal wind. The field is stacked, the way it should be, with some of the top riders from around the world here to contend for a tittle at a real classic, The Sea Otter Classic.

We started late, 3:15pm and that meant a morning of chilling and waiting to get the gear on to go and race, and as funny as it sounds that is much worse than racing earlier in the day. Adam, Peter and I were seated way at the back, like in the 50's and 60's and in this short of a race that is hard to be competitive, all you can do is deal with what you are given.

First Lap, chilled in the group, the leaders establishing a very strung out field, I felt good, passed about 6 riders on the first lap and a handful more on the second. With teammate Adam pushing me, we managed to pace the same lap times as the guys at the front and that was kind of interesting. Anyways we plugged along taking more and more riders every lap and after what seemed unusually short for time we were done. I finished in a really satisfying 19th place and Adam 21st. Sunday is the XC race and a fun course and fine test. Yay, super yay.

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