Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ishpatina Ridge

For some reason some things seem to stand out more than others. The Ishpatina ridge is not something that sticks in most people's minds. Over the last couple of years I have had thoughts about going into the Ridge. It is kind of hard to get to and consists of, a long drive, then a longer drive on a crappy road, then a short MTB ride, which may be a long ride if we make it a short drive. Then the bushwhack up over a ridge to a lake, along the shore of that lake, then up over another ridge, and down to the second lake shore, follow that to a trail that we will hike 5km up hill (1100ft vertical) to what is known as the Ishpatina ridge. It is the highest point above sea level in Ontario.

Recently there has been an article published about a trip into the Ishpatina ridge in Explore magazine, only they paddled in. It is still the same high point that they were trying to reach and according to most people, a canoe is the way to go. Apparently it is easier to get to with a boat. I really don't feel like canoeing, I guess I am not in the mood to sit in a boat. I have decided to "Try" and get to the Ridge by means of land. I am not sure why? I guess sometimes I like to do things the hard way. I have talked an accomplice into joining me for the day. Meg probably doesn't know what she is in for... I had to kind of sugar coat it. Ah it will be a easy day out,( a rest day for me from my regular training schedule) that is why I chose to do it a Monday. Drive up and in Sunday afternoon, camp out, then go from there. Should be fun.

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Eric... you're nuts..