Thursday, May 14, 2009

Albion Hills O Cup 2

3 Mud holes per lap times 5 laps equals 15 times through a mudbath. There was a couple muddy climbs tossed in per lap which made up the best Albion Hills course I think I have ever raced on. Despite the two inches of rain on Saturday the race course was in decent condition. I came into today's race right where I wanted to be, tired. I have had a couple really solid weeks of training in and I am stoked for the next three Canada cups coming up.

Back to the race, the pace was set high right from the gun. Derek Z. Pinned it and never let up. The first lap we had a mini train jamming which ended up with us all slightly spaced out. I raced for almost two hours by myself. Yay super yay! It always seems more fun when you have someone else around you to jam with. Sometimes racing out in no mans land is hard, you end up having no clue if you are going hard enough and no clue as to who is ripping around you. I raced my own race and croozed in for 5th place. I had a solid training day and even had the pleasure of taking my bike for a quick dip in the warm pond after the race. Na it was cold, and my bike was still dirty after we got out of the water. See you in Baie Saint Paul.

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