Monday, May 25, 2009

Horseshoes Anyone...

I am sick... I have been trying to avoid admitting to myself that I have a chest cold all week, but finally after 5 days of me trying to convince myself that "No, I am not sick," and "Ah, it's all just in my head", I have finally acknowledged defeat. There is nothing worse to a serious athlete than the dreaded four letter words,, "Sick" and "Cold" and especially right in between some big races. I survived all winter with not even a slight hiccup, and almost all of the spring until last Monday, the day after Baie Saint Paul, at around 5pm, I felt it, the worst feeling imaginable. The "Tickle". Quick pound all the Natural remedies out (Ginseng Root, Greens etc), all in hopes of getting ahead of something that can take a whole pile of work and crush it in a couple of days. Now what is important is that you keep moving forward and work with what you have. In other words, once your sick, get better..

Canada Cup #2 Mont Tremblant. I had nice call up(front row), and went out at a decent pace on the first lap, I was in the top 10. After about 20-25min of racing, I could really start to feel what I was dreading all week, my chest was closing in on me, I was hacking crap out of my lungs and my head wanted to explode! I hung in for another lap hoping it was just going to be a "bad lap" and get back into the game. Half way through the third lap I heard a little ppssssss, looked down and I could see tire sealant coming out of my tire. I had a flat, maybe a kind of blessing in disguise? I felt like crap and had a flat. Maybe better than having a flat and feeling great? Ya, I think so. I fixed my tire and cruised in to the village. I was not in any mood to start a serious battle to try and catch back up, I was ready for bed.

I am frustrated right now because I finally feel like I have some legs after Canada Cup #1 and then bam! Here ya go, deal with this.. As much as crap like this sucks sometimes, you have to look past and keep moving forward. Hopefully I am feeling much better at Hardwood this coming weekend. On another note it looks like a sunny gorgeous week in the forecast and hopefully everyone is able to get out and enjoy the sunshine!.

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