Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Best Story Ever!

Last weekend I had off from racing. It was sweet. Great time to cram a couple more solid days of training in before Bromont and the 5 weeks after that. We are going to be racing back to back for the next bit. Nationals, 2 World Cups a US Cup and another race that I am forgetting at this moment, anyways in it is going to be the "core" races for my season.

Last week I got to play "farming", I was helping get the hay done while we had some sunshine and dry air. Being a Farmer is Fun! I mean it has its moments just like any other job, but where else can you go for a 120km bike ride, come home, then scarf down some recovery grub, grab some water and food, toss on clothes that are almost designated "bike rags" and then go play on big tractors? and there is really nobody to answer to, except if you break something. Which happens allot. It is totally acceptable to get as dirty as you want, swear as much as you can, because really, the dirtier you are the harder your working, and since you are almost wearing rags for clothes, when you do get covered in grease you get to just wipe it on your clothes! How sweet is that? Shower time sucks because heavy duty grease doesn't come off your skin that easy and it turns you into a permanent "grease monkey", and that sucks. Anyways it was a solid week of training and driving tractors chasing coyote's at midnight while stacking hay. Which brings me to my next story.

I just finished eating the best Orange ever! Not just a good orange, but one of those oranges that you are just like "man, that's a good orange"! and to really top it off, after I ate the "best orange ever" I ate one of the best Fuji apples ever too! Fruit rocks! Everything is in season and tastes better than candy! Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Wine, plums, peaches, you name it fruit is so good. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that beer tastes great too! Got a bit carried away with that last night, yes it is tuesday and yesterday was monday, but mondays are kind of like my "fridays" so it was totally fine. Tomorrow is Canada Day! Yay, Super yay! Wonder how that works? Canada Day on a Wednesday? The fruit brings to my next story....

I did a solid 125km ride today, got soaked more than once, actually like 5 serious downpours I had to ride through. The rain is fine, I really don't mind getting wet, as long as I have a rain jacket close by. In this case I was wearing it because I had no other place to stash it. My jersey pockets were full with other junk and that meant I either wear the hot, clammy, pain in the butt coat, or put it in a backpack or camelback, and I am not doing the latter. So off I went rain jacket and all, it ended up being a sweet ride, one of my favorite loops. Now just around the 105km mark I was suddenly being bombarded by this flying thing?!!! I think it was a Pheasant! and it was not leaving me alone.. It came so close to hitting me a couple of times, I was like "you have got to be kidding me, I am being ambushed by a bloody little bird"! I think finally it decided I was "alright" and it left me alone. Riding in Muskoka Rocks! I love being home, even just for a couple days. It is really one of the best road riding destinations I have found yet!. You get barked at a ton, that's fine, I can live with that. I only got barked at once today, and funny thing is it was not even a bloody dog! It was coming from a "pimped out" Dodge Neon. Oh ya, "High Roller" and after seeing the dude that was barking at me I had to laugh, because if he were to just take a quick glance in the mirror and see himself, he really didn't have any grounds to go on. It was hilarious, and the more I laughed at him the madder he got. Which made it even Funnier! Anyways I have to wrap this up somewhere, so I hope everyone has a solid Canada Day and, Oh Ya, FIREWORKS!!!!!

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