Sunday, June 21, 2009

Canmore Canada Cup

Short and not so sweet. I had a off day yesterday, I had no problems with my bike, my body just didn't want to fire. I had a solid first lap and lost it from there. It was a amazing course to race on and I tried to make the best of a not so great day, at least I could enjoy the "mountain" descents. I tried to regroup my body and mind on lap two and three and tried to gas it on the last lap, it didn't quite play out as I had invisioned it, but on the other hand it was a fast race in a field with some serious horsepower, and if anything goes wrong or your body is just not cooperating there are 20 plus guys ready to gobble you up. I still finished 12th. On another note I had a great time over the last few weeks with a great crew from Alberta. They organized a solid event in Edmonton and were quite hospitable, thanks Kirk for the wicked accommodation. I am sitting in the airport writing this with my feet up, compression socks and all! I am ready to go home for some down time and a BBQ or two. Cheers.

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