Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Here's a mouthfull!

Posted form my phone so pease ingnor selling mstakes and gramer ( me fail English that's impossible). Pppfffff. No seriously.

Over the last month there has been quite a bit going on with me. I have learned how to sail, pretty cool. I snorkeled for the first time, in water that you can actually see things! And as a bonus you don't come out and have to peel any leeches off of you. So I guess I will start with my trip to the BVI, duh. It was as good as anyone could imagine and then some. I had 15 amazing days with a highlight or two on each day. The weather was solid for the most part, some people complained about the two days of rain that we had in the middle portion of the trip. Coming from -30 and going to +30 who cares if we get a couple wee rain showers.

Now my biggest worry to me was, how am I supposed to train? I am coming from 16-18 hr weeks and going to be on a boat for 15 days. I had no clue of what to expect. To my surprise, the training situation worked out quite well, 2 hrs a day was what I needed to maintain the fitness level that I had worked so hard for all winter. I did not want all of those 5 am mornings to be for nothing. Don't get me wrong here I knew that I was going to have a wicked time, it is just that if my training were for pure fun, I would not be worried with what I got in and didn't get in. This is business. I have to not just be a fit person, I need to be a fast cyclist.

Our days (meg and mine) consisted of waking at sun up, going for a kick ass run/ hike, usually around 1.5-2hrs. Returning to the boat, pulling anchor, and setting sail (or starting the motor) and hitting the high seas. No more than 2 hrs at sea and we would be arriving at our next destination for the night. Usually by 2pm. We would then go snorkelling and proceed to open the bar (a cooler) for happy Arrrr. Ok maybe a exageration, 3pm the cooler opened. We had some sick days under the sea.! Sea turtles, eagle rays, 1 manta ray, some serious barracuda, tarpon and all sorts of other crazzy shit to try and touch. No seriously it was like we were in the imax 3d theater and it was starring us! I am so hooked on snorkelling. The sailing may take a couple more times on the sea to break me in. Knowbody got sick (excet of each other) but if you have never sailed before, when the sail touches the water because you are tipped so far sideways, and when you have no clue how much it takes to tip the boat over it makes it a wee bit nervy.

As for the land adventures, running, hiking, sun tanning boob watching (another story) . Straight up, the running was world class. Half road half trail and each day seemed to best the previous. Needles to say I arrived home (itching to get on the bike) with no fitness lost and one reguvinated mind. I went from no running, I had been riding indoor and xc skiing all winter, to 245km of running in two weeks. I have some blisters and kinks but the payoff was well worth it. We were able to experience all the BVI had to offer. We drank rum like the pirates did, ok ocasionally we had beer, and painkillers but none the less we drank a boat load of booze (pun intended). Props goes out to the captain and crew( me included), I was the dingy captain and in charge of getting the up most imortant provision, The Ice!

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emily said...

ERIC, I could tell you were in a chippery mood when you wrote this post haha Loved it! Felt like I was part of the story... haha. Glad you had a blast! Wish I could have snorkeled!
Thanks for the update...

see ya soon in California